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2019 events and presentations

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2019 events and presentations

* collaboration with Madrid-Canadian Film Festival
at Cineteca - Matadero Madrid - Centro Cultural.
(Madrid - Spain - January 24th to 27th,  2019)

* Colectivo Toronto and Garage presents: Break!
The Super Bakers / Ellen Moffat / Myss Taiken / Jheimz Media and Christian Delgado at Earl Nichols Recreation Centre. (London - Ontario - June 1st, 2019)

* presentation of Leticia Obeid and Rita Camacho Lomeli
in collaboration with Club Cultural Matienzo (Buenos Aires, Argentina). Co-curated by Laura Preger at 1313 Gallery. (Toronto - Ontario - October 10th to 20th, 2019)

* presentation of films of Terra Jean Long
(Toronto - Ontario - date TBA - Fall 2019)

about us

Colectivo Toronto is dedicated to the development and presentation of contemporary art. We work in collaboration with other collectives, artist-run centres, galleries, art organizations and festivals.  We are diverse in content, culture and activities. 

Collective Members: 

Hugo Ares / Guillermina Buzio / Matías Bó / Carolina Konstantinovsky
Programming Consultant: Kathleen Mullen

Since 2014 we have collaborated with the following organizations: CineCycle, Club Cultural Matienzo (CCM), National Film Board of Canada (NFB), Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Center (CFMDC), VTape (The Source of Video and New Media), imagineNATIVE Film & Media Arts Festival, aluCine Latin Film & Media Arts Festival, Pix Film (Production-Studio-Gallery), Toronto Animated Image Society (TAIS), Images Festival, Latin American Dossier of Arts, Pio! Centre for Drawing, Curatorial Collective SUM°, Jack Layton Chair (Ryerson University), Garage (London, ON)

Colectivo Toronto is member of Media Arts Network of Ontario / Réseau des Arts Médiatiques de l'Ontario

Colectivo Toronto Contemporary Art is an incorporated non-for-profit organization by the
Ministry of Government Services of Ontario. OC# 1929106

Our organization pays artists' fees in accordance with the guidelines of
Canadian Artists Representation / Le Front des Artistes Canadiens (CARFAC)

We acknowledge the support of  Ontario Arts Council & Canada Council for the Arts 

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